We design modern and ecological houses that will distinguish you and at the same time ensure comfort and satisfaction. We offer ready-made, as well as individual projects.


We build ecological, prefabricated, energy-efficient houses that allow you to save your time and money, and at the same time care for the environment.


We will make sure that the designed interiors are consistent not only with the client’s wishes, but also environmentally friendly.


Each house we build can be equipped with such installations as: photovoltaic panels, heat pump, rainwater and gray water recovery systems, or “smart home”, which will allow for comfortable use for many years.



We assume a number of cooperation models. Customer satisfaction and providing the highest quality product are our primary goals.


We can design and manufacture any building especially for you, thanks to our own design studio and construction team. Depending on your requirements, the Linked House team can participate in the entire investment process, from design to implementation.



szybkość budowy


The execution time
is only 3 months.
We build regardless of the season.



We only use modern, energy-saving
solutions to reduce
building maintenance costs.

30 lat gwarancji


We provide the keys to the house
You get a 30-year warranty as standard
for the entire structure.



We provide a comprehensive package of services -
from design, through production, to assembly
and supervision over the investment.

gwarancja ceny


We ensure price stability and no additional costs.
We guarantee the price and
certainty of implementation.



Our team has experience in the field of
prefabrication technology, design
and construction of single-family houses.



Buildings implemented in our technology emit
up to 75% less carbon dioxide. We focus on ecology,
thanks to which we protect the natural environment.



You can choose house design on a ready project with the possibility of its adaptation or an individual/ newly made deisgn. Each client receives a personal project advisor.


The house structure (walls, roof) is prefabricated in a specialized factory, then delivered to the construction site. The houses are built of natural materials. This means that not only is the structure made of wood, but also the thermal insulation is made of wood fibers using the STEICO technology. More information can be found on the material manufacturer's website:

You receive a 30-year warranty on the structure of the building. The oldest inhabited house made of wood dates back to the 9th century AD. The durability of wooden buildings can therefore be safely counted on for generations.

The heat transfer coefficients are: for walls U = 0.195 W / m2K, for roofs U = 0.10 W / m2K, for doors U = 1.2 W / m2K, for windows U = 0.90 W / m2K, which means that the house meets the technical conditions of 2021 (WT 2021).

The decision to choose heating is up to the customer and depends, among other things, on the utilities connected to the plot. We recommend that heating is based on renewable energy sources.

Appropriate thermal insulation constituting nearly 80% of the wall thickness translates into excellent energy-saving properties of the building - up to 70% reduction in heating costs and up to 70% reduction of CO2 compared to a brick house.

A few years ago, building a house, e.g. in the prefabricated wooden technology, was more expensive in Poland than building a house in the traditional brick technology. However, with the current increase in labor costs and the much longer construction time of brick houses (brick houses - around 12 months; prefabricated wooden houses – 3 months), prices have evened out. It often happens that the cost of building a house in the traditional system with a general contractor is higher than building a house in the prefabricated frame technology.